Top 6 equipments necessary for scuba diving

Top 6 equipments necessary for scuba diving

Posted by on Sep 29, 2017 in Scuba

Scuba diving is a growing hobby nowadays. People usually enjoy scuba diving during their leisure time. It can be both personal and professional. Recreational scuba diving is increasing in popularity day by day. Cave diving, wreck diving, deep diving all come under recreational scuba diving. Places like Great Barrier Reef in Australia are usually filled with recreational divers.

Scuba diving also includes a number of equipments. These equipments ensure a safe and smooth diving experience. Scuba diving shops around the globe provides rental services to recreational divers.

Here is a list of top 10 equipments required while scuba diving-

Mask– Mask is the first equipment every scuba diver must have. Mask helps in focusing correctly underwater and can be a major difference between a pleasant diving and a miserable. How can person enjoy scuba diving when he or she won’t be able to see a thing? Mask also helps in equalizing the pressure to avoid    barotrauma, also known as mask squeeze.

Fins– Swim fins help a diver to move swiftly underwater. They are very helpful in providing the right thrust and help in increasing efficiency. This can reduce oxygen consumption underwater.

Dive computer–   A dive computer is a device used by a diver to measure the time and dept of a dive. It is used to safely calculate decompression schedules in recreational, scientific, and military diving operations.

Wetsuit– Wetsuits are very much essential for every scuba diver. Wetsuits help you stay dry and warm during a diving session. But application of wetsuits is not just limited to scuba diving; it is mostly used in every water related sport. There thermal insulation helps a person stay warm underwater increasing efficiency and reduce the consumption of oxygen.

Diving regulators– A diving regulator reduces pressurized breathing gas to ambient pressure and deliver it to the diver. Since it is a non-fit item, most divers choose to rent regulators instead of purchasing their own.

Tanks– Scuba tank is a gas cylinder used to store and transport pressurized gas used with a scuba set. Diving tanks are usually made of aluminum or steel alloy. Cylinders used for scuba diving usually have water capacity of 3 to 18 liters. A diver can strap on a single cylinder or a pair of cylinders for a scuba session.

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